Smart tabs
Tabs that detect progress and can notify you when a process is done.
24-bit color
Support for True Color and base16 infrastructure, as well as over 150 community ANSI color schemes.
Customizable hotkeys
Freely customizable single and multi-chord shortcuts.
SSH and the kitchen sink
A built-in SSH client with profiles, SFTP, key management, jump hosts, X11 and the rest.
Persistent port forwards
Preconfigure often-used port forwarding setups.
Zmodem transfers
Send and receive files directly from the prompt in SSH, telnet and serial session.
Quake mode
Dock on the side of the screen? Check. Spawn with a key? Sure. Tabs on bottom? No problem.
Split tabs
Freely rearrangeable split panes which you can also save as a profile.
Profile manager
Save all your configured options into hotkey-assignable profiles.
Delicate fontwork
Ligature support, Powerline and Nerd Fonts, emoji, pixel-perfect boxes.
Persistent history and tabs
Tabby remembers your open tabs, and when you accidentally close them, restores the complete terminal state.
Careful pasting
Multi-line paste warnings and bracketed paste support prevent accidentaly executing stuff when pasting multiple lines.